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MKBFRA4GTXP-BH Spare Replacement Parts

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Hover over or tap the image to zoom, or download the full PDF

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$34.96 (Ex VAT) R112606B R112606B. Pan Disk

$21.10 (Ex VAT) R111626 R111626. Pan Locking Knob

$160.36 (Ex VAT) R112602C01 R112602C01. Heady Body

$38.72 (Ex VAT) R112674 R112674. Ball Locking Knob

$16.63 (Ex VAT) R111605T2 R111605T2. Friction Knob

$12.98 (Ex VAT) R111622 R111622. Quick Insertion Lever

$22.92 (Ex VAT) R111621 R111621. Eccentric Lever

$67.95 (Ex VAT) R111620C01 R111620C01. Plate Holder

$27.69 (Ex VAT) art200PL-PRO 200PL-PRO. Aluminium RC2 and Arca-swiss compatible

$30.29 (Ex VAT) R1116108 R1116108. Bag

$29.58 (Ex VAT) R1116400 R1116400. Knob

$70.57 (Ex VAT) R1116399 R1116399. Lower Spider

$8.32 (Ex VAT) R3,1921 R3,1921. 3/8 UNC Nut

$15.34 (Ex VAT) R1039231 R1039231. Foot set of 3

$63.16 (Ex VAT) R1116396 R1116396. Centre Column

$7.78 (Ex VAT) R103932 R103932. Cap

$8.51 (Ex VAT) R1116114 R1116114. Hook

$68.90 (Ex VAT) R1116398 R1116398. Upper Spider

$11.05 (Ex VAT) R1116271 R1116271. Lower Leg Section

$11.38 (Ex VAT) R112133 R112133. Locking Ring Set of 3

$16.10 (Ex VAT) R112123C224 R112123C224. Single Leg Ring Grey

$24.30 (Ex VAT) R1116355 R1116355. Snap Fit Ring

$89.05 (Ex VAT) R1116397 R1116397. Shell Assembly

$7.45 (Ex VAT) R103908 R103908. Guide

$11.38 (Ex VAT) R112132 R112132. Locking Ring Set of 3

$27.24 (Ex VAT) R1116270 R1116270. Leg Section

$16.19 (Ex VAT) R112122C224 R112122C224. Single Leg Ring Grey

$81.41 (Ex VAT) R1116272 R1116272. Upper Leg Section with Leg Warmer

$16.09 (Ex VAT) R112125C224 R112125C224. Single Leg Ring Grey

$11.38 (Ex VAT) R112131 R112131. Locking Ring Set of 3

$11.38 (Ex VAT) R1116115 R1116115. Bushing Set

$36.27 (Ex VAT) R1116269 R1116269. Leg Section

$53.74 (Ex VAT) R1116395 R1116395. Plate, Tool and Instructions

$8.08 (Ex VAT) R1116197 R1116197. Torx T25 Key

$9.22 (Ex VAT) R111641 R111641. Slider Set of 3

$19.72 (Ex VAT) R1116163C229 R1116163C229. Grey Selector Set of 3

$71.16 (Ex VAT) R1116268 R1116268. Leg Section

$64.94 (Ex VAT) 15SPK3 15SPK3. Spike Feet (3) for 15.5mm tubes

$78.69 (Ex VAT) 15SCK3 15SCK3. Suction Cup Feet (3) for 15.5mm Tubes

$57.69 (Ex VAT) BFRLVLC BFRLVLC. Befree Levelling Column

4 Accessories