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329RC4 Spare Replacement Parts

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$11.99 (Ex VAT) R329,54 R329,54. Small Handle

$8.05 (Ex VAT) R329,41 R329,41. Ass Label

$15.56 (Ex VAT) R329,09 R329,09. Pan Lock Knob

$35.83 (Ex VAT) R329,01 R329,01. Base Plate+spirit Level Assy

$29.60 (Ex VAT) R329,03 R329,03. Pivot Dial Assembly (left)

$20.37 (Ex VAT) R329,02 R329,02. Pivot Dial Assembly (right)

$11.25 (Ex VAT) R141,55 R804,19. Handle. Large 160mm

$21.20 (Ex VAT) ART. 410PL 410PL. Accessory plate

$11.72 (Ex VAT) R329,33 R329,33. Half Ring For Top Plate

$69.40 (Ex VAT) R329,04 R329,04. Centre Casting

$10.49 (Ex VAT) R329,16 R329,16. Label

$49.48 (Ex VAT) R329,32 R329,32. Ass Top Casting+label

$7.22 (Ex VAT) R354,11 R354,11. Pin And Spring

$13.15 (Ex VAT) R354,08 R354,08. Locking Lever Assembly

$17.01 (Ex VAT) R410,15 R410,15. Plate Locking Lever

4 Accessories