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Identifying Required Part

  • Simply scroll down to find your model.
    The Tripod is separate to the Head and each have their own model number.
  • Click the link to open the page.
  • If the model cannot be found online please use the contact form to provide details.

We are in the process of migrating to a simpler product/model page, you can use either route and your feedback on the new layout is welcomed. If a model is available in the new format then you can click the (new) link or the model number to revert to the old layout.

Manfrotto (New Model Page) Gitzo Avenger
Model Bogen
Model Model
001B (new)DGT2540TA0003
003 (new)G0011A0010
003M (new)G0012A0017
004B (new)3078G0027A0030B
004BAC (new)G0057A0030CS
005B (new)G0077A0035B
005BAC (new)G01A0040B
006B (new)G026A0040CS
007BSU (new)G055A0045B
007BU (new)G075A100
007CSU (new)G1001A1010CS
008BU (new)G101A1035B
008CSU (new)G1026A1035CS
008XU (new)G1027A1045B
012B (new)G1028A1045CS
017 (new)G1057A105B
022 (new)G1058A110
023 (new)G106A115B
024 (new)G1077MA120
024B (new)G1097A122
025 (new)G1118A125B
025B (new)G112A128
025BS (new)G1120A205S
025TM (new)G1126A205SCB
026 (new)2905G1127A205SJB
028B (new)3246G1127GA215SB
029 (new)3047G1128A215SCB
030-14 (new)G1128GA215SJ
030-38 (new)G11510NA215SJB
030AT (new)3295G1155TA215SJCB
030HAS (new)3048HG1157A235S
030L (new)3297G1157GA235SJ
032 (new)G1158A235SJB
032B (new)G1158GA235SJCB
032BASE (new)G1158TA245S
032BASEB (new)G1171A245SB
035 (new)2915G1171MA245SCB
038 (new)G1172A245SJCB
042 (new)G1172MA247SCB
043 (new)G1173A255S
043R (new)G1174A255SB
044 (new)G1175A255SCB
045 (new)G1177MA255SJ
046 (new)2920G1177MNAA256S
049B (new)G1178MA256SB
050A (new)G1197A256SCB
050B (new)G1198A257S
050BAC (new)G120A257SB
051NB (new)G1212A257SCB
052B (new)G1220A265
052BAC (new)G1222A265CB
053B (new)G1224A268
055 (new)3021G1226A268CB
055A (new)3011NG1227A270S
055AB (new)G1227GA270SB
055B (new)3221G1227LVLA270SCB
055BWB (new)G1228A272S
055C (new)3021G1228GA272SB
055CB (new)G1228LVLA272SCB
055CL (new)3021NG1257A275S
055CLB (new)3021BNG1257LVLA275SB
055CX3 (new)G1258A275SCB
055CXPRO3 (new)G1258LVLA280S
055CXPRO4 (new)G126A280SB
055CXV3 (new)G1270A280SCB
055D (new)3011NG1270MA280SJ
055DB (new)3011BNG1275A280SJCB
055MF3 (new)055MF3G1275MA285S
055MF4 (new)055MF4G1276A285SB
055MFV (new)G1276MA285SCB
055NAT (new)3221GG1276MNAA290S
055NAT2 (new)3221GNG1277MA290SB
055NAT3 (new)3221GN3G1278MA300
055PRO (new)3021PROG1285A302
055PROB (new)3011BPROG1297A3042CS
055SSB (new)G1298A3043CS
055TS (new)055TSG1312A3058CS
055TSB (new)G1317A3059CS
055V (new)G1318A310
055WNB (new)G1320A312
055XB (new)3021N and 3021BNG1325A320
055XDB (new)3011N and 3011BNG1325VA330
055XPROB (new)3021PRO and 3021BPROG1326A400B
055XV (new)G1327A4050CS
055XWNB (new)3221WNG1329A410
056 (new)3025G1338A410B
057B (new)3056G1340A410C
058 (new)3051G1341A416JM
058B (new)3251G1342A420
070BU (new)G1345A430
070CSU (new)G1346A450
074 (new)3033G1348A470
075 (new)3036G1349A475B
075B (new)G1370A480
076 (new)G1370MA485
076B (new)G1371A490
077 (new)G1371MA500
077B (new)G1372A5012
079B (new)G1372MA5029
083NW (new)G1373A5033
083NWLB (new)G1374A5034
084U (new)G1375A5036CS
085 (new)G1375MA5042CS
085BS (new)G1376A510
087NW (new)G1376MA608B
087NWB (new)G1377MA615B
087NWSH (new)G1378MA625B
087NWSHB (new)G1380A630B
098 (new)G1385A635B
098B (new)G1410A645B
098SH (new)G1415A650
098SHB (new)G1416A660
099B (new)G1423A665
1004BAC (new)G1500A680
1004JBAC (new)G1504A690
1005BAC (new)G1505A700
102 (new)G1515A9000
1051BAC (new)G1548A9000B
1052BAC (new)3086G1548GTB100
108 (new)G1549B120
109 (new)G1560B130
110 (new)G1561B140
110G (new)G1563B140XL
111BSU (new)G1563LB150
111CSU (new)G1564B200
114 (new)3011G1564LB201
114MV (new)G1565B300P
115 (new)3028G1566B6039CS
116MK2 (new)G1568B7034
116MK3 (new)3066G1570B7034BASE
117B (new)G1570MB7034FF
117MV (new)G1571B7034FFBASE
117X (new)3068G1572B7034POLE
123 (new)G1575B7057
124 (new)G1576B7057BASE
126BMUAC (new)G1578LB7057FF
126CSU (new)G1588B7057FFBASE
126CSUAC (new)G170B7057POLE
127 (new)3127G172B9000
127VS (new)3137G175B9000P
128LP (new)3126G201B9000PS
128RC (new)3130G212B9000T
128RCNAT (new)3130GG2180C100
130-14 (new)G220C150
130-38 (new)G222C1525
131D (new)3059G2220C1550
131DB (new)G2227C1575B
131DD (new)3153G2228C210
131DDB (new)G224C280
131TC (new)3253G2257C285
132X (new)G226C295
132XN (new)G2270MC300
134 (new)G2271MC330
134SS (new)G2272MC330L
136 (new)3063G2285MBC335
136LV (new)3063G2380C335L
138 (new)G251C337
139 (new)G252C338
141 (new)3029G260C339UH
141RC (new)3030G261C500
141RCNAT (new)3030GG270C590
142B (new)G272C595
142CS (new)G275C700
143 (new)G312C820
143A (new)2930G315 e G317C822
143BKT (new)G320C825
143R (new)G321C827
143RC (new)G322C880
144 (new)3011G326D100
144B (new)3211G328D100B
146B (new)G336 e G338D200
146CS (new)G340D200B
154 (new)G341D210
154B (new)G342D210B
155 (new)G345D220
155BKL (new)G346D220B
155RC (new)G347D230
156BLB (new)G360D300
160 (new)3057G361D301
161 (new)G370D310
161MK2 (new)3058G372D315
161MK2B (new)3258G375D400
165 (new)3155G376D400B
165MV (new)G385D500
168 (new)3055G386D520
169 (new)G387D560
170 (new)G388D570
170B (new)G410D570B
170BASE (new)G411D580
170BASEB (new)G412D600
171 (new)G415D600CB
172 (new)G416D650
173 (new)G417D700B
173B (new)G421E100
175 (new)G421CRE390
181 (new)G421RAF100
181B (new)3156G470F1000
183 (new)3290G472F1100
190 (new)3001G475F1200
190B (new)G500F1501
190CL (new)3001DG501F1510
190CLB (new)3001BDG502F1520
190CX3 (new)G504F200
190CXPRO3 (new)G505F300
190CXPRO4 (new)G506F301
190CXPRO4-M0Q2 (new)G507F600
190CXPRO4-M0Q2B (new)G508F700
190CXPRO4B (new)G509F810
190CXV3 (new)G515F820
190D (new)3001NG524 G525 G527F820TH
190DB (new)3001BNG526 e G528F825
190MF3 (new)190MF3G529F830
190MF4 (new)190MF4G530F831TH
190MFV (new)G531F900
190NAT (new)3205BG532H1200M
190NAT2 (new)G533H2000M
190NAT3 (new)3205GN3G534H2006
190PRO (new)3001PROG535H2008
190SSB (new)G556CH2508
190TS (new)190TSG557H2512
190TSB (new)G557CH400M
190V (new)G558H440
190XB (new)3001D and 3001BDG561H600M
190XDB (new)3001N and 3001BNG562H660
190XPROB (new)3001PRO and 3001BPROG563H800M
190XV (new)G564H9000
190XWNB (new)3001BWNG565H9500
196AC (new)G566I8010
196BASE (new)G567I8030CB
200 (new)3160G570X400KIT
200PL-14 (new)3157NG621X401
200PL-38 (new)G621CRX402
200USS (new)200USSG80X404
201 (new)GB0330X406
203 (new)GB0530
209 (new)3007GB1340
220 (new)GB1540
221 (new)GB3560
222 (new)3265GH1281OT
229 (new)3039GH1720FQR
231B (new)GH1720QR
231CS (new)GH1780
233B (new)3429GH1780FQR
234 (new)GH1780QR
234RC (new)3229GH1780TQR
236 (new)3257GH1781QR
241 (new)GH1781T
241FB (new)GH1781TQR
241S (new)GH2180DH1
241V (new)GH2720FQR
243 (new)3292GH2720QR
244 (new)2929GH2750
244RC (new)GH2750QR
246 (new)3290FGH2780
254 (new)GH2780FQR
254B (new)GH2780QR
256BMUAC (new)GH2780TQR
256BUAC (new)GH2781QR
268 (new)GH2781T
269BU (new)GH2781TQR
269HDBU (new)GH3750
270BSU (new)GH3750QR
270CSU (new)GH3780
271 (new)GH3780QR
272 (new)GH3781QR
275 (new)GH5380S
276 (new)GH5380SQR
276B (new)GH5381SQR
290B (new)GH5750QR
290BWB (new)GK1380VQR
290NAT3 (new)GK1580TQR4
292 (new)GK1580TQR5
293 (new)3420GK1582OT
297BBASE (new)GK2380VQR
297CS (new)GK2520FT
297FBASE (new)GK2580TQR
298B (new)GM1130MT
299B (new)GM2340
299BBASE (new)GM2341
299FBASE (new)GM2540
300N (new)300NGM2541
302 (new)GM2560T
302PLUS (new)GM2561T
303 (new)303GM2940
303PLUS (new)303PLUSGM2941
303SPH (new)303SPHGM2942
305B (new)GM3340L
306 (new)GM3350XL
306B (new)GM3550
307B (new)GM3551
308RC (new)3413 and 486RC2GM5540
314B (new)GM5541
316 (new)3274GM5560T
317-6 (new)GM5561T
320 (new)GS3310GS
320B (new)GS3310S
322RC2 (new)322RC2GS3511S
323 (new)3299GS3750D
324RC2 (new)GS3750DQR
325 (new)GS3760C
327RC2 (new)GS5120LVL
328-2,5 (new)GS5121LVL
328-4,0 (new)GS5300S
328-7,5 (new)GS5310GS
329 (new)GS5310LGS
329RC4 (new)329RC4 and 3410GS5310S
331 (new)3422GS5510XLS
332-1,7 (new)GS5511S
332-1,7B (new)GS5512S
332-2,7 (new)GT0530
332-2,7B (new)GT0531
332-3,7 (new)GT0540
332-3,7B (new)GT0541
334B (new)3245GT0932
338 (new)3416GT1340VC
340 (new)3288GT1530
341 (new)341GT1531
342 (new)3009GT1540
344B (new)GT1540F
349 (new)GT1540G
350 (new)GT1540T
350B (new)GT1541
350MVB (new)3193GT1541OT
350SHB (new)GT1541T
350SHMV (new)3185GT1542T
350SHMVB (new)GT1543T
350SPR (new)3189GT1544T
350SPRB (new)GT1550T
351MV (new)3181GT1551T
351MVB (new)GT1830
351MVB2 (new)GT1840C
351MVCF (new)GT1931
355 (new)3276GT1932
356 (new)3277GT1940C
357 (new)3273GT2330
357PLONG (new)GT2330EX
357PLV (new)3272GT2331
361 (new)3248GT2340L
373-2,6 (new)GT2340VC
374 (new)GT2341L
384 (new)384GT2530
385 (new)385GT2530EX
387XBU (new)GT2530LVL
387XU (new)GT2531
390 (new)GT2531EX
390RC2 (new)390RC2 and 3407GT2531LVL
390RC2NAT (new)390RC2NATGT2532S
391RC2 (new)GT2540
393 (new)3421GT2540EX
394 (new)394GT2540F
400 (new)3263GT2540FL
402 (new)GT2540G
405 (new)405GT2540L
410 (new)3275GT2540LLVL
410PL (new)GT2540LVL
420B (new)GT2541
425B (new)GT2541EX
427B-4.0 GT2541G
427B-6.5 GT2541L
428-2,5 (new)GT2542L
428-4,0 (new)GT2542LOS
428-7,5 (new)GT2542LS
430 (new)3269GT2542S
432-1,7B (new)GT2830
432-3,7B (new)GT2840C
434B (new)3218GT2930EX
438 (new)3502GT2931
440 (new)GT2932EX
441 (new)3443GT2940L
442 (new)GT2941L
443 (new)3443DGT2941LLVL
444 (new)3444GT2941LVL
445CCS (new)GT2942L
449 (new)GT3320BS
454 (new)3419GT3330
455 (new)GT3330LS
458B (new)458BGT3530
460MG (new)3437GT3530LS
468 (new)3435GT3530LSV
468MG (new)468MGGT3530S
468MGRC0 (new)468MGRC0GT3531
468MGRC2 (new)468MGRC2GT3531LSV
468MGRC3 (new)468MGRC3GT3531S
468MGRC4 (new)468MGRC4GT3532LS
468MGRC5 (new)468MGRC5GT3532LSV
468RC2 (new)3435QRGT3532S
468RC4 (new)GT3540L
469 (new)GT3540LS
475 (new)475 and 3036GT3540XLS
475B (new)475B and 3236GT3541
479 (new)GT3541LS
482 (new)482 and 3009GT3541XLS
482LCD (new)GT3542LOS
484 (new)484 and 3262GT3542LS
484RC2 (new)484RC2 and 3262QRGT3542XLS
486 (new)3413 and 486GT3830
486RC2 (new)486RC2 and 3413QRGT3840C
488 (new)488GT4330LS
488RC0 (new)488RC0 and 3055GT4542LS
488RC2 (new)488RC2GT4552GTS
488RC4 (new)488RC4GT4552TS
490 (new)490GT5531S
490RC4 (new)490RC4 and 3038GT5532LS
492 (new)GT5532S
492LCD (new)GT5540LS
494 (new)GT5541LS
494RC2 (new)GT5542LOS
496 (new)GT5542LS
496RC2 (new)GT5560SGT
498 (new)GT5561SGT
498RC2 (new)GT5562GTS
498RC4 (new)GT5562LTS
500A GT921
500BALL (new)
500BALLSH (new)
500HLV (new)
500MV (new)
500PLONG (new)
501 (new)3433
501HDV (new)
501HLV (new)
501LV (new)3433HK
501LVN (new)
501PL (new)3433PL
501PLONG (new)
502HLV (new)
503 (new)3460
503HDV (new)
503LV (new)503LV
503P (new)
503V (new)
504HD (new)
504HLV (new)
504PLONG (new)
505-0 (new)
505PL (new)
509HD (new)
509HLV (new)
509PLONG (new)
510-10,5 (new)3147
510-8,5 (new)3147-8
515MV (new)
516 (new)
516V (new)
519 (new)
519LV (new)
520BALL (new)
520BALLSH (new)
520MV (new)
520MVB (new)
521 (new)
521LX (new)
521P (new)
521PRO (new)
522 (new)
522A (new)
522P (new)
523PRO (new)
524AX (new)
524FN (new)
525MV (new)
525MVB (new)525MVB & 3141B
526 (new)526
528X (new)
528XB (new)
529B (new)
530SPRB (new)
531SPR (new)
532ART (new)
535 (new)
536 (new)
537SPRB (new)
540ART (new)
542ART (new)
545B (new)
545GB (new)
546B (new)3182
546GB (new)
547B (new)
554 (new)
555B (new)555B
556B (new)556B
557B (new)557B and 3425
558B (new)558B
559B (new)
560B (new)
561B (new)
561BHDV (new)
562B (new)
577 (new)577
585 (new)
587B (new)
595B (new)
595CLA (new)
602BSM (new)
604BSM (new)
606BSM (new)
622 (new)
622B (new)
622C (new)
625 (new)625 and 3296
627 (new)627
635 (new)
649 (new)3346
676B (new)676B
678 (new)678
679 (new)679 and 3016
679B (new)679B and 3216
680 (new)3249 and 680
680B (new)3249B
681 (new)681 and 3018
681B (new)681B and 3218
682 (new)3231 and 682
682B (new)3231
684B (new)684B
685B (new)
694 (new)
694CX (new)
695 (new)695
695CX (new)
700RC2 (new)700RC2 and 3160
700RC2NAT (new)700RC2NAT
701HDV (new)
701HLV (new)
701RC2 (new)701RC2
709BR (new)709BR
714B (new)714B
714SHB (new)714SHB
715B (new)715B
715SHB (new)715SHB
718B (new)718B
718SHB (new)718SHB
724B (new)724B
725B (new)725B
728B (new)728B
7301YB (new)
7302YB (new)
7303YB (new)
7321YB (new)
7322CY (new)
7322CY-BB (new)
7322YB (new)
732CY (new)
745B (new)
745MF3 (new)
745XB (new)
755B (new)755B
755CX3 (new)
755CX3-M8Q5 (new)
755MF3 (new)
755XB (new)
756B (new)
756CX3 (new)
756MF3 (new)
756XB (new)
776YB (new)
785B (new)785B
785SHB (new)785SHB
790B (new)790B
800 (new)800
804RC2 (new)804RC2
806 (new)806
808RC4 (new)808RC4
809 (new)809
816 (new)816
850 (new)
851 (new)
852 (new)
853 (new)
FF3512N86 (new)
MH054M0 (new)
MH054M0-Q2 (new)
MH054M0-Q2B (new)
MH054M0-Q5 (new)
MH055M0 (new)
MH055M0-Q2 (new)
MH055M0-Q5 (new)
MH055M0-RC4 (new)
MH055M8-Q5 (new)
MH057A5 (new)
MH057A5-LONG (new)
MH057M0 (new)
MH057M0-Q5 (new)
MH057M0-RC4 (new)
MH293A3-RC1 (new)
MH293D3-Q2 (new)
MICC4 (new)
MK057C3-M0Q5 (new)
MK293A3-A0RC2 (new)
MK293A3-A3RC1 (new)
MK293A4-A0RC2 (new)
MK293A4-A3RC1 (new)
MK293C4-A0RC2 (new)
MK294A3-A0RC2 (new)
MK294A3-D3RC2 (new)
MK294A4-A0RC2 (new)
MK294A4-D3RC2 (new)
MK294C3-A0RC2 (new)
MK294C3-D3RC2 (new)
MK393-H (new)
MK393-PD (new)
MK393S-H (new)
MK394-H (new)
MK394-PD (new)
MK394-PQ (new)
MKBFRA4-BH (new)
MKC3-H01 (new)
MKC3-H02 (new)
MKC3-P01 (new)
MKC3-P02 (new)
ML840H (new)
MM294A3 (new)
MM294A4 (new)
MM394 (new)
MS050M4-Q5 (new)
MS050M4-RC4 (new)
MSQ6 (new)
MSY0590A (new)
MT055CXPRO3 (new)
MT055CXPRO4 (new)
MT057C3 (new)
MT057C3-G (new)
MT057C4 (new)
MT057C4-G (new)
MT293A3 (new)
MT293A4 (new)
MT294A3 (new)
MT294A4 (new)
MTT2P02 (new)
MVA511W (new)
MVA511WK (new)
MVA512W (new)
MVA512WK (new)
MVA513W (new)
MVA513WK (new)
MVA514W (new)
MVA515W (new)
MVA516W (new)
MVA517W (new)
MVA518W (new)
MVA519W (new)
MVA522W (new)
MVA524W (new)
MVH500A (new)
MVH500AH (new)
MVH502A (new)
MVH502AH (new)
MVM500 (new)
MVR901ECEX (new)
MVR901ECLA (new)
MVR901ECPL (new)
MVR901EPEX (new)
MVR901EPLA (new)
MVR911ECCN (new)
MVR911EJCN (new)
MVT502AM (new)
NGET1 (new)
NGET2 (new)
NGTT1 (new)
NGTT2 (new)